Friday, April 30, 2010

nail/color/love -- Essie's Lovie Dovie


I started this blog because of my acute obsession with nail polish.

So today is post number one. And it's about color.

I first got obsessed with nail polish one day when I was thinking about a 6th grade art class where I was trying to paint a white vase. Have you ever tried to paint a three-dimensional white object? It's pretty difficult. See, you can't just use white paint. It looks flat. So in order to paint a white vase you have a use a dizzying array of subtle colors-- blues and yellows, reds and oranges-- in order to create three-dimensional-ity.

I'm not sure how I happened upon this thought (after all, it was the 6th grade), but afterward I kept looking around at the color in the world around me, trying to imagine how I would paint it on a canvas.

About this time, I was due for a haircut, and when I entered the salon, a single color caught my eye. I was hooked.

So when I'm not reading, writing, working on my BA, teasing my cats with laser pointers or traveling to see family-- I'm searching for color. And when I find a really cool one, I plop it on my nail and smile at it for a few days.

So today I present to you my first set of swatches.
From Nail Swatches
Today I nailed (hah-hah, nail joke on a nail polish blog) Essie's "Lovie Dovie" from their Summer 2009 collection.

Essie is probably one of my favorite polish brands. I know, I know, she's [in]famous for doing muted beiges and pinks; but her polish wears like iron, her formula is more-than-ace, and when Essie nails a color-- man, does she nail it.

Not to mention that whole feminist angle. She's a self-made entrepreneurial machine. And I gotta say, I respect that.

Lovie Dovie is no exception. While the brush is a little skinny for my taste (most Essie brushes are), the formula is to die for and the color of pink (yes, pink, you Essie-haters) is a nearly-neon (though not quite) lavender-y creme pink. And it looks good.

From Nail Swatches

From Nail Swatches

From Nail Swatches

Anyway, carry on, have a good day, and check back with ya in a jiff!