Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OPI's Hong Kong 2010 Collection-- A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find

Today I present to you OPI's "A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find". I was a little skeptical of the bottle because it looks red! This color, however, is most definitely not red. In fact, it is an almost-neon orange that is highly-saturated with pigment. It's definitely a reddish-orange and it's a pretty stunning color. I don't even like orange and this color has me drooling for some OJ.
As you can see, it dries super glossy. The formula on this is pretty great. Not streaky at all. My only qualm? It took 3 coats to kill VNL, and even then if you look really hard you can still see it.
A Good Man-darin is Hard To Find is probably the best "summer" color I've come across yet. It's bright, it's cheery, it (surprisingly) works with my skin tone. I am definitely going to keep this color on my nails until it falls off. Needless to say, I'm a fan.


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